Why Compustar?

I believe that Compustar is the ultimate alarm/remote start system. Conceptually it is hard to explain that a Compustar can do almost anything imaginable. It can be simple and easy using your present remote that came with your vehicle to control it ( when you press lock it arms, press unlock it disarms, press lock 3 times it starts) to very complex paging remote controls with LCD screens that confirm that the vehicle responded to your command and beeps and vibrates if your vehicle is tampered. It can even interface with an app on your smart phone instead or together with these other interfaces.

Vehicles have become extremely high-tech, Compustar is equally high-tech to interface to these vehicles, but also compatible with older vehicles to upgrade them to the new Millennium.

Why D&D?

D&D is the oldest window tint/car alarm store in Tarrant County, it has been in the same location, continusly operating since 1981. Bobby Bronson has owned D&D since 1998 and was the manager for three and a half years before he bought it. He installs all alarm and remote start systems personally, he began installing professionally in 1980 at the age of 16. Most installers in this industry are paid by comission which rewards them by speed rather than quality of workmanship. Upon completion of one of these systems, Bobby will give you his cell phone number which is also on the front door of the business, should you have any problems or questions you can ask day or night 


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  • These guys are the absolute best. If you want the car tint done professionally with a lifetime warranty, using the best products, this is your place. They are easy to work with, and familiar with high-end cars such as BMW, Audi, etc... Can't say enough good things about them. They should be your first, and only choice!
    Steve Kyle
  • I've taken 2 vehicles for window tinting to D&D ... over 3 years for one of them ... no bubbling or fading or turning purple ... getting ready to take a brand new Honda Accord to them next week ... their installation is factory perfect ... they use the best film ... they are honest, friendly and helpful ... And can't find a better price ...
    David V. Arlington, TX
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