Add cutting edge security and convenience to your ride!

This is a glossary of security, remote start and convenience features:

  • Light flash: Your parking lights will flash when the alarm is armed and disarmed as well as any time the alarm is triggered.
  • Starter Kill: Anytime the alarm is armed the engine starter is disabled making it very difficult to steal your vehicle.
  • Dual Zone Impact Sensor: This sensor detects impact on the vehicle body, medium impact makes the syren chirp, hard impact triggers the alarm.
  • Glass sensor: This sensor uses a microphone to listen for the sound of glass breaking to trigger the alarm.
  • Keyless entry: When you arm your alarm the doors lock, when you disarm they unlock. You will never have to unlock your doors with the key again. This feature requires that you have power locks or that we install power locks in your doors for an additional price.
  • 2-Step Keyless Entry: When you disarm the alarm it will unlock only the driver's door, a second press will unlock the other doors.
  • Ignition triggered door locks: When you star the engine the doors will lock.
  • Trunk Release: This feature requires that your car has an electric trunk release or that we install an electric actuator at an additional price.
  • Chirp Delete Via Remote: You can turn the chirps on and off with the remote control.
  • Valet mode Via Remote: Valet mode turns off all alarm and upper level functions of the system, it will only lock and unlock the doors- This is used when the vehicle is being serviced.
  • Bright Red LED: This is installed high on the dash of your vehicle so that it is easily seen by thieves, alerting them that your vehicle is protected.
  • Super Bright Blue LED: This new generation of LED is much brighter than red and more easily seen by thieves. They will know your vehicle is protected.
  • Loud Sired: A very loud, high decibel siren.
  • Loud Siren and Horn Honk: Having the siren and vehicle horn honking is twice as loud as a siren alone and gives your vehicle a more distinctive sound.
  • RPS2 with unlock: The remote paging sensor is installed on the inside of the windshield and has a super bright blue LED in the center. If someone knocks on it the paging remote will beep and vibrate to alert you that someone is waiting by your vehicle. You can also program a 4 digit personal code into it to disarm the alarm and unlock the doors. You will never be locked out again.
  • Dome Light Control: When you disarm your alarm the vehicle dome light turns on for 30-60 seconds.
  • 2 Aux Outputs: Auxiliary outputs can be used or additional accessories or functions such as turning on the headlights for 30 seconds, opening and closing motorized doors, rolling windows up and down or motorizing bed covers on trucks. Just ask, if you can dream it we can probably do it.
  • Closed Loop Trigger: Closed loop circuits are an excelent way to protect trailers as well as ladders and tools in truck beds.
  • Safe on Standard Transmissions: Compustar is the only remote engine starter that I know of that is safe to be used on stick shift vehicles.
  • Compatible with Diesel and Gas Engines: There are only a few vehicles on the road that this unit is not compatible with.
  • Built-in Turbo Timer: If your vehicle has a turbo charger you should not turn off the engine after hard driving until it has cooled. When you turn your engine off your engine stays running for 1-4 minutes so you don't have to wait.
  • Timer Start/Temperature Start Mode: This Feature has many options, it will start your engine every 1.5 or 3 hours or once every 24 hours if the temperature is above or below a selected temperature and the engine will run for 1-45 minutes.
  • Sensor Delete via Remote: Every Alarm goes off during a thunderstorm, by turning off the sensors the alarm will not auto trigger.
  • Passive/Active via Remote: In pasive mode, you get out of your vehicle and shut the door, 30-60 seconds later the alarm will turn itself on and lock the doors. In active mode you have to turn the alarm off and on manually.
  • 2nd Car mode: One remote can control two different cars.
  • Temperature and Battery Query: Tap button 4 and the LCD remote will show the temperature inside the vehicle, tap again within 4 seconds it will show the battery voltage of the vehicle, tap again within 4 seconds it will show the battery voltage of the remote control.

Basic Alarm System

Premium Alarm System

Premium Alarm / Remote Start System


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