Dull dingy headlights can make it difficult to see at night and detract from your car's apperance.

I have done extensive research and testing to find the best, longest lasting results. There are many different techniques to restore them but the coating determines how long the results will last. 

We don't use any gimmicks or tricks, we start with sandpaper as low as 320 grit to remove the oxidized layer, then machine sand using progressivly finer and finer sandpaper up to 4000 grit to remove scratches. We then machine polish in multiple stages, finer and finer. Then we cover them with Xpel Ultimate protective film so that chemicals and oxygen can't get to the polycarbonate and re-oxidize. I don't know of any technique that gives longer lasting results and we warranty it for 5 years.

Typical price range is from $100.00 per pair for small, flat headlights with minimal oxidation up to $200.00 per pair for large, bulbous headlights with heavy oxidation, most are 140.00 to 160.00

Send a picture of your headlights to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a firm price quote


  • I looked around for nearly two weeks comparing prices and services. I was guaranteed pricing for $99 to have my windows tinted, but I did not mind paying more here. Their service is exceptional, and they all focus on one car and do an amazing job. They had my windows done in an hour. Dustin was amazing in explaining the process and warranty/damage/bubble issues. I would never think twice to choose them again for window tinting job.
    Sain V. Euless, TX
  • I've taken 2 vehicles for window tinting to D&D ... over 3 years for one of them ... no bubbling or fading or turning purple ... getting ready to take a brand new Honda Accord to them next week ... their installation is factory perfect ... they use the best film ... they are honest, friendly and helpful ... And can't find a better price ...
    David V. Arlington, TX
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